Harrowing Moments Of Suffering During World War 1 Essay

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Both Hynes and Owen are depicting harrowing moments of suffering in their own respective ways. While Owen’s recounts the miseries endured in World War 1, Hynes focuses on her mother’s personal battle with cancer. Both depict suffering yet the two events differ in scope, WW1 was enormous, encompassing and after shock inducing in a world that had yet faced such despair. This was a public event yet Owens narrows the scope to the perspective of his comrades. Hynes focuses on a private struggle and is able to provide a voice that transcends the obstacles of endured by one individual. Owens and Hynes use imagery, symbolism and allusions to convey their depictions of suffering. Owen’s portrays the plight of soldiers as zombies pushing through the trudge. Their suffering lies in their lack of purpose. This can be seen throughout the first stanza as he describes the soldiers as “Bent double, like old beggars under sacks” (467). The simile “coughing like hags” (467) further adds to this image of the soldiers’ sick and hunched over, clearly not marching with their held high on their shoulders. Immediately, the readers are forced to face this jarring portrayal of what soldiers actually look like on the battlefield. Following this Owen looks around and see’s that is appeared as though the “men marched asleep… Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots of gas shells dropping softly behind” (467). This depiction is a clear reference to the zombie like appearance and gait of the soldiers.…

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