Harriet Tubman And The Underground Railroad Essay

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Harriet Tubman Davis became such an amazing inspiration to people all over the United States and still is to this day. She grew up to be one of the most famous conductors for the underground railroad. This involved leading the slaves from the South to the North, where they could escape to freedom.
Many of the troubles she faced throughout her life only made her a better person. Harriet Tubman faced many difficult obstacles. When she was a little girl she was struck in the head with a heavy lead weight, this caused her to have severe headaches frequently. Throughout this paper, you will learn about her early life, when and how she died and why she was considered “Moses” to the slaves of her day. Harriet was born around 1820 to 1825. She grew up along the eastern shore of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay on a Southern plantation. She was the sixth child born out of eight siblings. Her siblings’ names were Linah, Mariah Ritty, Soph, Rachel, Robert, Henry, Benjamin, and Moses. Her father’s name was Ben Ross and her mother’s name was Harriet Green. Harriet’s birth name was Araminta Ross, and was called Minty for short. Later on, in honor of her mother, she changed her name to Harriet.
Slave children had almost no time to play. Harriet spent most of her childhood days working on the plantation. The slave kids were always put to work to “earn their keep.” If they did not earn their keep, they were sold to other slave owners. When Harriet turned five, she was sent away to work in a…

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