Essay on Harriet Ann Jacobs 's The Emancipation Proclamation

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Slaves were deprived of their lives and always degraded to some value less than that of any other human. Harriet Ann Jacobs, one of the many African Americans that stood up against slavery, wrote this autobiography to inform us, the readers, how slavery ruined her life. How it stripped her of her innocence and the hardships she had along the way to obtain her freedom. This narrative was published back in 1861 and at this point in time president Abraham Lincoln was working on abolishing slavery. This was only 2 years before the Emancipation Proclamation goes into effect. However, Harriet Jacobs was born back in 1813, this is 48 years of slavery she fought through. Speaking as “Linda” in this narrative, she describes to us how life as a slave was at that certain time. She begins by describing her father, a carpenter that because of his talents, was treated almost as a free man. However, she also tells about her life as a slave and we can clearly see the difference. Slaves were all treated differently therefore, slaves’ lives were all different. Before Harriet’s mother passed away, she tells us how her mother adored her owner, how even though she was a slave, she enjoyed being there with her. After the passing of her mother, Harriet then realizes that she’s a slave yet she still doesn’t mind that because she loves her owner. She does not even mention freedom. Now we see that after her beloved owner passes away, that she then hates slavery and tells us that she has the worst…

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