Harlem Renaissance Culture

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Exploring African-American Culture: The Harlem Renaissance
The Harlem Renaissance started in 1920, in Harlem, New York. The Harlem Renaissance created a big uproar of the African American Culture when they emigrated from the south to north. It expressed the African American culture and brought it alive. The Harlem Renaissance unified other races, making African American culture, a trend. The Harlem Renaissance contributed to the growth of the emerging African American culture in the post slavery USA because it allowed African American the freedom of speech and expression through music, art, and literature, which wasn’t allowed during slavery. Many artists, poets, singers, theatre’s, and musicians took part in the Harlem movement, which gave
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Many of the African families lived in the southern part of New York, in which it was filled with violence that was created by the white supremacy. The tension that white folks had against the African Americans was extremely rageful. Young, black, men and women, were treated poorly, unfairly, and were constrained from doing what the whites could. During the 1920’s, segregation was a huge issue between the whites and blacks. Most of its practice of segregation mainly took place in the southern part of New York. Many African Americans were tired of living the lifestyle they had, and wanted to be free from the violence and inequality. In addition, African Americans begun emigrating to the south for freedom and a peaceful environment. Although, segregation took place in the south too, but leaders of the Harlem Renaissance guided the young and talented by giving them pride and partnership. The African American society learned to stick together and have a voice. Before the Harlem Renaissance, African Americans did not have any say on what they did, needed to do, or how they did things. These men and women, grew up to be miserable and poor, because of the acts like the Great Depression and Segregation, “The riot was touched off on Aug. 12, 1900, when a black man killed a white plainclothes police officer while the officer was attempting to arrest the man 's wife at Eighth Avenue …show more content…
Many artists, poets, singers, theatre’s and musicians participated in the Harlem movement, which gave them a voice in society. Many of the African Americans have recognition for the cultural work they 've accomplished, Harlem Renaissance was a time for the African American community to reunite with other races in the rural south. The Harlem Renaissance was beneficial for the African Americans because they were able to express themselves not only through cultural purposes, but also of who they were individually. Leaders of the Harlem Renaissance movement inspired other races to reunite as one, which allowed the African American culture to become a trend. The Harlem Renaissance inspired the young, black, men and women, to create a new work environment and spread their culture, instead of living the lifestyle of an American

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