Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring- A treat for any space

Hardwood flooring, compared to other floor types, has had longer durability and varied functions no matter where they are installed. These acts as the perfect add on to the decor when a person goes in for a remodelling of the house, especially the flooring. Manufactured from a single pile of timber, these floorings are a great hit no matter where they are used. A perfect complement to the household or the office space, these floorings is the best choice when one looks for sturdy and durable flooring for their desired space.
Hardwood flooring is a flooring type that one can mostly see in most of the households. Wood timber from sturdy trees is used for their production. These floors
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This type of hardwood flooring was born as a result of finding a way of incorporating the natural alternatives for reducing the use of timber or wood in the production. This flooring type was engineered specially right after the environmental concerns grew among the public. The eco-friendly manner in which this is produced makes it the top choice and people tend to over look the price at which this comes at. All these have made the engineered hardwood a decor option in almost all the places. One important advantage of this flooring is that, with the multiple layers of wood that is stacked over one another, helps in repelling the moisture from its layers. For safety concerns, the manufacturers make sure to minimise the layers up to 3.
One type of engineered hardwood, the cross-ply engineered flooring is seen to be stable dimensionally and moisture does not seem to have an effect on it. The climatic changes also do not have any effect on these floors and does not leave any kind of mark on the other or the inner layers of the engineered floors.
The engineered hardwood flooring can be purchased in all sizes. One major feature of the engineered flooring that is generally not seen in other types is that, there many layers in this and each layer can be composed of different species of wood. This way, the builder has the liberty to experiment with
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In this, a single wood is carved out according to the requirements. This is very much similar to the click type of flooring, where there is a socket and a joint that can be connected to each other when the tiles are kept side by side. An important thing to keep in mind is that, moisture can easily affect the wood, and over time this can harm the integrity of the floors if it is not looked after. One single layer of damage can ruin the entire flooring if left just like that. This is also the reason why these floors are placed over a sub-floor and never used in the basements where the humidity may be high. Apart from this, one major advantage of the flooring is that, it has a longer lifespan and can be easily taken apart and assembled back when the people in the household have to relocate to a new

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