Stephen King's Happy Death Day

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This time of year the ghosts are out, the witches are flying, and the jack-o-lanterns are lit. It’s October, the spookiest time of the year; this is the time where all of one’s frights can become real, and the movies are making a fortune with it. With a combined total of 149.5 million, the two biggest hits are the top of the charts. The movie It is a remaking of the old 1990 movie, which was based on Stephen King’s book It. Happy Death Day is a new twist on the idea of recurring days; which was originally seen in Groundhog Day. Both movies are filled with many frightening scenes, sure to keep the theater-goers on their shoes; however, one is far better than the other. Happy Death Day is superior to It. First, the plot structures of the two …show more content…
Happy Death Day deals with not only social issues but also self harm. As mentioned before, this movie has many social issues: a sorority trying to shame another girl from drinking chocolate milk, a “study” session with a married teacher behind locked doors (Anderson p. 1), but it also deals with suicide. The scene where Tree figures out her killer, she kills herself to save the guy she later falls in love with which restarts the day again. It only has mild bullying and sexual innuendoes. The bullies at the high school pick on the misfits which leads them to become friends with one another. It is also implied that a girl's father might do something sexually to her but it is never shown. When a movie deals with real world problem it makes one think it is more real.
In conclusion, Happy Death Day is superior to It because it is more lifelike. With real life problems happening in Happy Death Day it automatically makes the movie more lifelike; almost like the movie could happen on a college campus. While It has many supernatural occurrences, it leaves the audience thinking that if their community cannot meet the “requirements” for Periwinkle to come to them, they will be fine. All I know is that I would be more scared if I saw a baby mask instead of a red

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