Happy Accidents Can Cause Delightful Outcomes Essays

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Happy Accidents Can Cause Delightful Outcomes
Failure is the lack of succeeding, but success is an accomplishment of an aim or a purpose. However, sometimes success happens unwillingly or unexpectedly. These are what are called happy accidents. Some of the most popular products invented today were not even planned; they just happened. Everything may not go as intended, but the outcome can be rewarding. There is a fine line between a brilliant invention and absolute failure. Some of the best inventors had discovered this theory. As exploration expands in thinking outside the box, good things can start to accumulate and invent something useful. The feeling of these happy accidents can feel better once they are accomplished. The feeling of self worth takes over and confidence boosts. When the strive for invention is not a necessity, it is the happy accidents that create good ideas.
Clever concepts can come from brainstorming and a well thought out exploration. They can also come from things that are thought of on the fly. These random thoughts are the gateway to thinking outside the box. Sometimes a failure can recover and turn into something fruitful. For example, the first person to try cookies and milk most likely dropped the cookie in the milk by accident. Many of the needed inventions that were created today were discovered because of a mess up. According to Alyson Krueger, Alex Fleming is the creator of Penicillin, which is an antibiotic. It wasn’t until after he threw…

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