Happiness Is A Positive Way Of Looking At A Life Essay

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“For there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,” (Shakespeare 250-260). This is how David Gilbert opens his essay “Paradise Glossed", in which he discusses what happiness is and how a person can find happiness in the darkest of situations. To Gilbert, happiness is a positive way of looking at a life. He also argues that people can feel happiness in the midst of a crisis because the human brain is capable of unconsciously warping a situation in a way that benefits it, meaning that people tend to see the brighter side of any situation they are put in. Gilbert’s assertion that human can subconsciously manipulate the facts about any situation to find happiness.
According to Gilbert, happiness is a positive way of looking at life. He makes this point clear when he uses three men as examples of happy people. His examples are Jim Wright, Moreese Bickham, and Christopher Reeve. All three of these men had terrible things happen to them. They were publicly embarrassed, wrongly imprisoned, and paralyzed from the neck down respectively, but they all had very positive things to say about their experiences. Gilbert uses them as his three main examples of what happiness is, because he likes the way they looked on their situations in a positive way. Therefore, Gilbert believes happiness is a positive way of looking at a person’s circumstances. He also accurately asserts that people can find this happiness even in bad situations.
Gilbert believes that people have a great…

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