Happiness Is A Form Of Stability Essay

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Happiness is a feeling that many individuals aspire to achieve throughout their lives. This feeling, however, is defined independently. For most people happiness is something that is achieved when an individual is fully content with his or her life. This content can be attained through several ways, because every person has a different idea of what happiness is, the definition is not specific and can have many variations. Society has different perceptions on what kind of aspects essentially affect an individual 's level of happiness, this happiness can be achieved through stability in one 's life, whether this stability comes from family, a higher education, or a steady income. Although referred to as the "root of all evil”, in today 's society, many people view money as a form of stability. It gives us access to basic necessities needed to live a normal life, it also allows us to obtain certain goods and materials that ultimately lead to a greater satisfaction and a higher level of happiness throughout our lives.

Money has a very big influence on an individual 's life, while mostly viewed as an almost neutral aspect, money has an effect on our level of happiness. Many believe that money cannot buy happiness, however, recent studies have proven this to be infact false. New research has given us a much deeper understanding of the relationship between what we earn and how we feel. A steady income is what many individuals aspire to attain throughout their lives, it is a…

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