Hans Christian Andersen 's ' The Little Match Girl ' Essay example

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Hans Christian Andersen is a famous Danish author. His stories have been translated into many languages. Some of his stories are considered dark, however he shows optimism at the same time. Andersen’s stories make the reader stop and think and re-evaluate one’s life. He has an understanding of the human condition and the realism of the social issues. This is certainly the case with his story The Little Match Girl the protagonist. The story is about a girl who lives in poverty, neglected from her family and considered a burden on society. She sets out to sell matches on Christmas Eve in the cold and loses her shoes but does not go home because she fears her father’s temper. She stays out in the cold and starts to light her matches to stay warm. Upon lighting each match she has a vision that she wishes that she had. In the last vision she sees her grandma whom she loves and leaves with her, thus letting the reader know that the little girl is dead. In Andersen’s writing the reader can imagine the story in contrast to a film where the images are already given to the viewer. Charles Mintz in 1934 created his version in film of the Little Match Girl, renaming it Color Rhapsodies. While both art forms present the story well, there are major differences that contrast with each other. Each artist interprets the visual elements imagery, realism and the conflict within the story. Andersen starts the story by using descriptive language to develop the element of imagery in the…

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