Hank Kolb Case - Operations Management Essay

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Hank should do the following: 1. Take one to two weeks to create a strategic quality initiative based on the Six Sigma methodology. Continue to probe the Greasex problem as one part of creating a plan. Do not treat the most recent Greasex problem as a stand-alone issue. View it as a broader, company wide quality issue. 2. Get upper level management to review the strategic quality initiative and get their input 3. Communicate the plan to the other members of the quality department and get their input 4. The entire quality department works on presenting the strategic quality initiative to the entire company 5. Undertake the solution to the Greasex problem as part of the larger strategic quality initiative by doing the …show more content…
Create warning signals that keep the variability of the processes within the correct range

While the lessons of the quality seminar are still fresh in his mind, Hank Kolb should take one or two weeks to create a strategic quality initiative based on the Six Sigma methodology. While working on this broad plan he should take 30 minutes a day to walk the production facility and get to know the production staff and understand their concerns especially in regard to the on-going Greasex production issues. The Greasex issues represent Hanks opportunity to test his strategic quality initiatives. Neither the production function nor Greasex should be view as stand-alone issues. They are part of broader, company wide quality issues.
Once Hank has created a strategic plan, he should get upper level management to give input to insure the quality initiatives support the larger organizational goals. Then, Hank should communicate the plan to the other members of his quality department for feedback. Hank really needs to do some selling in this area, because his direct report was passed over for a promotion into Hank’s job. Without buy-in from the quality department, the likelihood of strategic quality improvements become much more difficult. After receiving feedback from his department, Hank’s entire team should present the strategic quality initiative on a company wide

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