Summary Of Hamlet's First Soliloquy In Act 1

1. Claudius and Gertrude spend much of their time in Act I Scene 2 reprimanding Hamlet for his gloomy attitude and morning clothing. Hamlet is still mourning the loss of his father while King Claudius and Queen Gertrude are celebrating their wedding. Gertrude understands that her son is offended by her outward betrayal to the memory of her dead husband, the late King Hamlet. They want him to end his mourning by explaining that everyone dies and it is “unmanly” to continue to grief for his loss. This scene seems to be led by Claudius, with Gertrude being a follower.

2. In Hamlet’s first soliloquy, he wishes he could commit suicide because his mother 's remarriage has upset him to the point of despair and grief. Hamlet wishes his skin would
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Hamlet sees the appearance of his father 's ghost, who tells him that his brother murdered him in order to marry his wife and take over his kingdom. At first, Hamlet is scared and in awe of his father’s appearance. He chooses to follow it and listen to what it has to say. Hamlet promises that he will have revenge for him; however he is afraid that he is not significant enough to take on such a task. His father tells him that his brother’s lust caused him to do awful, unnatural things. Hamlet acts confused as though he does not believe the ghost is real or as if the truth was difficult to take. In his heart he knows that the ghost is real and what he says is the truth. Hamlet goes on to swear Horatio and the other men to secrecy about seeing the …show more content…
The play begins with Hamlet, a suicidal young man, mourning the death of his father. In his first soliloquy, he dramatically states that he wishes his flesh would dissolve. The, he learns the truth from his father’s ghost. This tragedy leads Hamlet to become obsessed with proving that his uncle was the murderer of his father. He spends so much energy thinking about proving that his uncle was indeed guilty, that he didn’t spend much time thinking about what to do when he proved this. His actions were not well planned out; instead they were unstructured and impulsive. Hamlet was an intelligent man; however his inability to act was one of his weaknesses. The tragic flaw in Hamlet is whether he should murder his uncle for killing his father. He has a hard time deciding if the vengeance is the right thing to do; whether or not he should avenge his father’s death by murdering his uncle. During the visit with his father’s ghost, Hamlet hard his father call vengeance unnatural. Hamlet’s character trait of unwillingness to act and indecisiveness led to his ultimate

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