Essay Hamlet 's Treatment Of Women

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Hamlets’ treatment towards Gertrude (mother) is not unreasonable, but the way Hamlet treats Ophelia is a little harsh in the beginning when she is completely innocent. Further along through the play Hamlet’s treatment towards Ophelia can be considered reasonable since she basically decided to side with Claudius and Polonius. The way in which Hamlet treats Gertrude and Ophelia doesn’t seem to be a part of the misogyny in the culture. Hamlet does seem to possess a great hatred for women, especially the women in his close circle of peers. The hatred he has for women is strong and visible to readers. The way in which Hamlet treats Gertrude is completely just. Hamlet feels his mother has betrayed him because she married his father’s murderer shortly after his father was killed. Hamlet expected his mother, the loving wife of his deceased father, to grieve and never marry again or at least not after two months, but Gertrude did. Also, by Gertrude marrying her dead husband’s killer, Claudius, has caused Hamlet to believe that Gertrude was a part of his father’s murder and she is not to be trusted. Hamlet treats Gertrude poorly just as he treats Claudius because Hamlet feels Gertrude doesn’t deserve any sort of respect. Hamlet has the right to be angry and expresses his anger the way he seems fit, even if that means he disrespects his mother. Hamlet is hurt that Gertrude moved rather quickly after Hamlet’s father passed and she didn’t seem to be fazed by his father’s death anymore.…

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