Hamlet Is Truly Mad Or Not? Essay

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The question of whether Hamlet was truly mad or not has sparked many conflicting answers about The Tragedy of Hamlet. However, there is more powerful evidence pointing to the fact that Hamlet is truly mad. As Shakespeare develops his characters, Hamlet seems to become crazier as the play progresses. Hamlet’s true madness is revealed in a number of different ways. A few examples of how Hamlet goes mad are shown when Hamlet ignores Horatio’s warning not to speak to the ghost, when Hamlet shows no remorse for taking a human life, and in the appearance of a ghost that only Hamlet can see. Shakespeare uses prince Hamlet as a demonstration of insanity as he goes mad after speaking to the ghost of his father. The remainder of the play supports and illustrates how Hamlet loses his mind and his madness consumes him and hurts those around him, such as Ophelia. What does this show you about madness? How does it connect to Ophelia?
Ignoring Horatio’s warning, Hamlet speaks to the ghost which is the catalyst that sends him into the abyss of madness. When the ghost first started to appear Hamlet’s friend Horatio warns him, stating “And there assume some other horrible form, which might deprive your sovereignty of reason and draw you into madness?”(1.4.75-77). Horatio warns Hamlet of following the ghost and says that going with the it may drive him into a state of madness. Hamlet chooses to ignore Horatio’s warning and follows the ghost despite his warnings. Horatio says this when the…

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