Essay On Madness In Hamlet

Madness is a state of mind where the person has no control of their thoughts, emotions, or actions due to trauma in their brain. This can be developed after a long period of living, or be inherited at the time of birth. In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet’s descent into madness has many effects in the play. However, his madness is only an antic disposition, used a tactic to distract characters from reality. This is proven through Hamlet’s actions, words, and plot development throughout the play.

Hamlet, the main character in the play Hamlet puts on an antic disposition during which he pretends that he has descended into Madness. Many of the actions, and decisions Hamlet makes serve as proof to the reader that his madness is in fact staged. In the following quote King Claudius states “Nor what he spoke though it lack’de form a little, was not like madness” (Act 3, scene 1, 164). This quote proves that King Claudius picked up on the fact that Hamlet’s story of claiming madness alongside his actions, did not match up, causing King Claudius to not believe him. As a result, of coming to this realization that Hamlet was in his right mind, he ordered for Hamlet to be killed. This quotation also proves that his acting was not similar to real madness, which is what exposed Hamlet since the king is constantly in his presence. Had the king thought that Hamlet’s madness was real, he wouldn’t have ordered for him to be killed. Secondly, in the quote stated by Hamlet he
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Hamlet 's descent into madness has many effects on the play and is proven to only be an act. Hamlet pretends to be mad throughout the play in order to fool those around him and make an excuse for the actions he carries out as part of the revenge on King Claudius for murdering his father. This is emphasized through the play through his actions, words ,and sequence of events in the

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