Essay on Hamlet, By William Shakespeare

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Ghosts, murder, betrayal, and death galore! All of these elements are a part of William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet. The story entails of a young prince by the name of Hamlet whose father, king of Denmark, recently died. Claudius, the morally corrupt brother of the king, overtakes the throne of Elsinore castle, and hastily marries Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude. After a paranormal encounter with King Hamlet’s apparition, Hamlet discovers Claudius is responsible for his father’s death. While Hamlet seeks out his revenge against Claudius, grotesque descriptions of decay and death continuously personify the corruption present within the kingdom. As the plot thickens, morality is both questionable and ambiguous. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet uses imagery and dialogue of death and decay to exemplify the declining state of Denmark, the immorality of Claudius, and the omnipotence of death. The morally declining state of Denmark is an overarching occurrence throughout the play. In the opening scene, Marcellus and Bernardo, two patrolling soldiers, and Horatio, a close friend of Hamlet, witness the apparition of King Hamlet. After it disappears, they quickly alert Hamlet who then joins them the following night to witness the apparition. After the paranormal encounter with the ghost of King Hamlet, Marcellus foreshadows, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” (Shakespeare 1.4.100). Shakespeare uses this foreboding proclamation as a way to personify Denmark, specifically the royal…

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