Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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The play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, involves many difficult decisions the main character contemplates in order to please his own motives. Throughout the text, Hamlet makes rash decisions in order to complete his most important task: the strive for revenge. Hamlet 's actions and emotions primarily revolve around the death of his father. This causes many people to believe Hamlet is insane. However, Hamlet believes he is fine and with his ludicrous plans and actions, he is determined to find Claudius guilty. Hamlet is greatly in control of his own actions because of his tendency to over analyze situations. Shakespeare uses indirect characterization to develop Hamlet 's actions and thoughts in different situations. Multiple times we can see that Hamlet thinks to himself through the author 's use of soliloquies. Analyzing the soliloquies and other dictations the playwright provides gives the reader insight to Hamlet as a character. Generally, Hamlet is always contemplating a situation and he has many internal disputes. Therefore, overthinking leads to his meticulous planning, which shows the over dominance of his actions.
To begin, Hamlet deeply reflects on his behavior and actions. At one point in the play, Hamlet feels that he is a coward. Hamlet realizes that he is running away from his problems and avoids them by sulking. Hamlet has this introspective moment after viewing a play. He compares himself to an actor and decides to change himself in the end. He…

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