Hamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Hamlet, the play, asks many questions with multiple having many or no answers. One of such questions is the philosophical and political aspects of what “is” and what “seems”.
Shakespeare takes the philosophical aspect of ‘Hamlet’ and brings it down to two interests, physical and metaphysical. What constitutes as physical is something you can easily describe through characteristics, while metaphysical is something that goes beyond the characteristics. By bringing these two interests together, a philosophical aspect of ‘Hamlet’ has been produced.
Through close reading, there are many instances of both physical and metaphysical. For physical we can look at the actions of murder, the trumpet playing or even the funerals that take place in ‘Hamlet’. On the metaphysical aspect, we can take the position of glory, revenge, and religion. However, what makes ‘Hamlet’ so interesting is the many things inside that breaks the barrier between physical and metaphysical. The most prominent of such is the Ghost or through inference, Hamlet Senior. The Ghost’s physical and metaphysical aspects is not as simple as it looks but rather has branches that intersect and contradict each other.
The physical embodiment of the Ghost is something that starts from the very beginning of the play. In Act 1, Scene 1, the Ghost is introduced by appearing in front of Horatio and his group. In that very part, the ghost appears to be wearing battle armor and is clearly seen by the characters in this scene.…

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