Hamlet By William Shakespeare 's Hamlet Essay

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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Hamlet explores empirical questions searching for revenge and truth amongst the lies as he comes to grips with his father’s death. In the end, Hamlet proves to be an exceptionally existential character. In all of the chaos of the castle, Hamlet, a university student arrives back home and finds out that his father, the king of Denmark, died of foul play. The Ghost of Hamlet’s father visits him and tells him the story of his unfortunate demise. Hamlet’s Uncle Claudius is the murderer. Throughout the rest of the play, Hamlet seeks to avenge his father’s death. However, Hamlet is so enraged and consumed with sorrow that it builds up to this extreme and almost deranged madman. Hamlet makes it clear that he is a experiencing a sign of grief. “For they are the actions that a man might play, but I have that within which passes show, these but the trappings and suits of woe” (I.ii.84-86). Most would say that Hamlet goes insane in the play and his grip on right and wrong gets thrown out the window. However, his unhinged way of thinking is actually a brilliant ploy to get everyone around him to pay no mind to the crazy person. It is such a crafty and witty trick that Hamlet is able to manipulate everyone around him to truly see Claudius, as he is, a murderer.
The enigma of Hamlet’s nature attracts readers to the character. He is at once a critic and voluntary banishment of Elsinore, while, at the same time he receives flattery of a superior, being the…

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