Hamlet By William Shakespeare 's Hamlet Essay

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Shakespeare’s Hamlet revolves around the titular prince after the recent passing of his father, the king. Quickly into the play, it is revealed that the king’s brother murdered the king and ascended to the throne. Hamlet learns of this information, and he prepares to take vengeance on the evil that was done to his father. As the play progresses, though, the audience must consider whether Hamlet’s commitment to destroying evil has turned him evil. One comes to the conclusion that a man that sets out to destroy evil inevitably becomes evil himself. A man’s descent into evil begins because destroying evil involves encountering evil. Hamlet first commits to destroying evil only after realizing the evil that was done to him. When the ghost of Hamlet’s father reveals that he was murdered, Hamlet vows to no longer allow the “royal bed of Denmark be a couch for luxury and damned incest” (1.5.89-90). Hamlet seeks to rid the evil that landed the current king in the kingship, but he only seeks to do so after coming into contact with evil. This brush with evil leads Hamlet to want to destroy evil, but it also ensnares Hamlet into evil. Obviously, it may be possible for others to commit to destroying evil without having to first encounter that evil. On the contrary, though, many people who do feel the need to combat evil have first been inflicted with that evil. A lot of people who help addicts usually have a story to tell about how addiction affected their lives. Finally,…

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