Hamlet And Samuel Johnson's Prayers And Meditation In The Shadow And Light Analysis

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When doing the reading on Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Samuel Johnson’s Prayers and Meditation in the Shadow and Light was interesting. I will be discussing on how Hamlet’s worldview and his response to grief vs Samuel Johnson’s Prayers and Meditation is why of dealing with grief, what are the patterns of their thinking that motivates both behavior. If Hamlet had a support group for his depression, who would be a positive impact in the group and what is the inner circle like.
What was Hamlet’s worldview or his response to grief? Hamlet grieved for his father’s death and the fact that the shame of his mother after two months, married his uncle, which was his father brother. He is having a hard time with his mother marrying his uncle just after two months of his father’s death. When he was growing up, he was very weary of the world this is where he believed that there was an unseeded garden, none of the wholesome flowers is blooming, nothing was there but the weeds, and they would thrive. Even though his mother moved on from his father’s death and so did, everyone else he was tortures himself with his loving memory of his father. His mother wants him to stop wearing black cloths and he told her that he is grieving and he cannot show it so he wears black. What was the patterns of Hamlet thinking on
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Hamlet would have a great support system with his close friends, which are Horatio is one of Hamlet closes friend who went to college with him. Horatio went to Hamlet’s home to be there for the funeral of his father. Even though he was in love with Ophelia her father, who was working with his uncle told her to spy on him Ophelia, is hoping to restore his happiness. Marcellus is one of the guards that stood with Hamlet and Horatio when they saw the ghost of his father. The inner circle for Hamlet was a good for him because of his close friends helping him with his father’s

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