Hamilton & Madison's Role in the First American Political Parties

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The role Alexander Hamilton and James Madison played on the first political parties.
Alexander Hamilton and James Madison were both very important political figures in the early years of our nation and their paths led them to two different political factions, The Federalist Party and the Democratic Republican Party, respectively.
The years after the American Revolution were very hard on most Americans. The former colonies had huge debts to pay off from the war and the soldiers of the Continental Army, most of them farmers, returned home to find their farms in desperate need of renovation. With no money, increasing taxes and no way to pay off their debts, the farmers became desperate. They pleaded with the courts to give leniency on
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During the initial stages of the Constitution, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison were all considered Federalists. Together, the three wrote the Federalist papers, which were essays designed to defend the beliefs of a centralized federal government and the ratification of the Constitution. While there were many writings at the time and still many opposed to the Constitution, New Hampshire became the ninth state to ratify and “The Constitution was now the law of the land.” (Faragher, et. al, page 199)
In the meantime, the Anti-Federalists had proposed a long list of amendments to the Constitution that would protect the rights of the people against the power of the central government. James Madison was tasked with editing the 200 proposals, which eventually became the Bill of Rights. “The Constitution was authored by the Federalists, but the Bill of Rights is the most important legal legacy of the Anti-Federalists.” (Faragher, et. al, page 202)
After the ratification, Alexander Hamilton continued to support the Federalists and became the first Secretary to the Treasury. Thomas Jefferson was appointed as the Secretary of State. Under the presidency of George Washington, political differences between Hamilton and Jefferson began, including opposing beliefs in foreign policy.

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