Haiti : The Jewel Of The Antilles Essay

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Haiti, once known as “The Jewel of the Antilles” is now the poorest country in the western hemisphere. How can there be such a juristic drop off from wealth and prosperity? There are many factors including poor soil health, lack of knowledge and literacy, a long history of political oppression, and a large population in a small country. However, the root cause of poverty in Haiti is human greed and power. Haiti was once one of the most productive areas in the world. In the 1750s producing as much as 50% of the total Gross National Product of France. Haiti was a part of the slave triangle, and used this labor to produce many products that Europeans loved. These products include sugar, coffee, tobacco, cocoa, the dye indigo, and cotton. Incredibly high fortunes were made from this tine colony off the island of Hispaniola. Economy was booming and the country was in great standing until 1804 when Haiti broke away from France, and became the second free country in the western hemisphere behind the United States. The difference between the United States and Haiti was the use of slave labor. Haiti still used slaves to produce most of their exports. A rise in the concern of were their goods came from in Europe brought about a boycott for Haitian goods. This put the already fragile new economy in a frenzy. Another reason the economy hurt for the next 80 years was the 150 million franc debt that the Haitian government received from France (Hallward, 2007). Haiti is also suffering…

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