Hair Removal Research Paper

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Eliminate cuts and ingrown hairs - so do you manage hair removal

There are a variety of methods for hair removal at home. Here are the best tips for smooth, hair free legs whether you prefer razor, wax or epilator.

Hair Removal epilation, IPL or wax?
Want smooth, silky sommarben - there is at least one method for every taste. Shaving is fast, but you get a sharp outgrowth already after a day or three. Waxing lasts a month, and the hair that grows back is soft. Sugaring works like waxing, but the soft sugar solution does in fact lesser evil.

To get smooth legs at the salon is comfortable, but now there are more and more products that make it easy to fix the legs at home. Epilation has many followers. An epilator pulls out the hairs by the
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Epilator and shaver

Flexible epilator / shaver with a variety of accessories. The smartest stretches the skin so epilation hurts less. It works surprisingly well, but the habit epilerare most appreciate the narrow epilation head for the bikini line. A good nyb?rjark?p. Tip: Take a painkiller tablet half an hour before epilating.
Satinelle Wet & Dry 6523 HP, Philips, 799 SEK.

5. Hair removal with extra everything

Rechargeable machine with extra wide epilator head that vibrates and follows the contours of the body as you do the work particularly quickly, efficiently and with low pain factor. It's pricey, but super - even remove millimeters short hair.

Silk-?pil 9, Braun, 1490 kr.

6. Len sandpaper glove

Sandpaper glove to be carried over the skin in a circular motion to grind away every hair. The pain factor and the risk of cuts: zero! Provides a natural exfoliation so you can enjoy silky smooth skin.

Epilette, SEK 69 (including 4 extra pads).

7. Basic razor

Disposable Planes is a good choice when you live a simple summer life, which needed no electricity or batteries. Do not skimp, but throw the plane after two or three shaves. With razor sharp, warm water and shaving cream shaving is more close to skin and without

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