Hair, A Good Hair Day When Things Go Right, Good Day Essay

2216 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 9 Pages
Good hair day, noun phrase, meaning “a day when things go right; good day”. The dictionary definition, only describes the meaning of the phrase, but it cannot express the feeling of one who experiences this phrase. Hair over the years has always been important. From Afros to mullets, and grey hair to purple, hair has been a trend that has never ended, and never will. Though some may ask, why is hair so important? Why does society make these natural strands that grow out of a human’s head so much of a great deal? Well, Hair is much more than just random strands that grow out of one’s head. Some lucky individuals have acquired abundances of money from styling hair, selling hair, advertising hair, and even having taboo amounts of hair. Hair has become so commercialized in modern time that it does not seem as if it is a natural entity that everyone has. Subsequently, it is so much commercialized, accordingly, good hair days are starting to become less recognized and accepted. Hair styling is a norm unless it is done differently from what is common, whether it’s too drastic or basic. Most women verve for more conventional hair as an alternative of having hairstyles that reflect their personality or make them feel good. This comes from the fear of women being judged by others or even professional standards come in contact of what style they want to wear. Ordinarily, women should not depend on their hair in order to feel confident about themselves, they should take better care…

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