Hackers Subculture

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Cultures have always been part of the world. Cultures are mostly divided by countries like the Japanese culture, French culture, Hispanic culture or the American culture. A culture defines the language, food, art of a country (David White). However, every culture has its subcultures printed on it. American subcultures are very wide and different. However, Hackers is the new subculture which rose from the age of informatics.

A subculture is defined as group of people with the same interest. Subcultures are hard to define since the definition for them is too broad. However, David White defines subculture as “subculture is a smaller group that fits into the larger culture”. Since the United States is a big mix of cultures, there are hundreds
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Hackers is the group of people with highly knowledge in computers. Hacker started in MIT as computer programmers trying to find short cuts in programs. At first, hackers were positively defined by the community because they were only people who lived for the computer. They could get a program to go beyond its boundaries (ROBERT TRIGAUX). However, over the years hackers started to aim different areas and divided themselves. But still a hacker could be defined as “someone who lives and breathes computers, who knows all about computers, who can get a computer to do anything.”(Brian Harvey). Hackers are usually aim as a bad person in society because a few have made a bad record. Society usually defines a hacker as a malicious person who wants to get into your computer and steal all your …show more content…
These hackers divided themselves in different groups. First, the “Black Hat hacker” are the most notorious hackers around all. They go around doing malicious work like breaking into phones or computers without permission. These hackers are also known as Crackers. Kovacs states that Crackers hack to gain something in return. Phreakers are hackers who used their knowledge to earn free calls. Phreakers use (STN) a program which allow them to make free phone calls (Assessment security and types of hackers). Moreover, the Spy Hacker is a professional hacker hired by people to infiltrate other people system. Spy hackers are usually hired by big companies to steal its competence files or secrets (7 Types of Hacker Motivations). Hacktivists are known in the world almost as much as the black hat hackers. These hackers like to involve themselves in wrongdoing situations. Hacktivist involve themselves in politics and big companies affairs. They are the real definition of an activist in the cyberspace. Their mainly goal is to bring to light secrets that political leaders have (What is hacktivism?). For example, in Venezuela there is a group of hacktivist called “Anonymous Venezuela”. Their main goal is to hack into governmental institutes so they can give any information that they find to the people of Venezuela. Many illegal transactions that the government are doing were discovered thanks to them. At last, Script

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