Character Analysis Of Hogwarts In 'The Grapes Of Wrath'

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H is for Heroic:
Harry sticks by his morals and has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. When he firmly believes that an injustice has occurred, he will do anything necessary to set things in order. After he discovered that Sirius Black, the man who he once thought to have killed his parents, was actually innocent and was going to have his soul sucked out of him by the dementors at any moment, Harry was dead-set on saving Black’s life, no matter what the risks. "’Get on— there 's not much time,’ said Harry, gripping Buckbeak firmly on either side of his sleek neck to hold him steady. ‘You 've got to get out of here -the dementors are coming— Macnair 's gone to get them’" (Rowling 415). Prior to setting off on the mission, he was
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What attracts him to it the most is not the glory of winning, but the pure, quick-paced thrill he receives from soaring around on a broom while being caught up in the competitive spirit. “Apart from his friends, the thing that Harry missed most about Hogwarts was Quidditch, the most popular sport in the magical world — highly dangerous, very exciting, and played on broomsticks” (Rowling 12). Harry’s invigorating-motivated nature plays a huge part in his attraction to anything dangerous, and what better to satisfy that attraction than with the most precarious recreational activity his school has to …show more content…
When he did finally find out the truth, he was confronted with the dangers of the vengeful follower of Lord Voldemort, the one who killed Harry’s mother and father. Later still, he was forced to re-live the daunting moments of his parents’ murder as he was being attacked by a dementor, a soul-sucking demon that forced Harry to hear his mother’s dying voice: “But the classroom and the dementor were dissolving.... Harry was failing again through thick white fog, and his mother 's voice was louder than ever, echoing inside his head— ‘Not Harry! Not Harry! please— I 'll do anything!’” (Rowling 238-239). Harry, at the age of thirteen, had experienced more traumatic experiences than most normal people do during their entire lives. While he tries to remain strong, it is evident that the scars of his past still haunt him; and they refuse to be easily

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