`` Guns, Germs, And Steel : The Fates Of Human Societies Essay

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Jared Diamond, a geography professor and the author of Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies, was asked a question posed by a native, Yali, to the island of New Guinea. Why do some people have “cargo”, meaning material goods and other useful items, but others did not? This simple question had such complex possible answers and Diamond attempted to create his own. According to Diamond the environment where societies initially started evolving was the main factor that decided whether a society would become more advanced than other societies because aspects of the environment such as arability of land would control the types and rates of development and advancement of technology, the types of governments societies had, the types of economy that were fostered, and the level of fighting skills that members of the societies possessed. On the other hand, William McNeill, author of History Upside Down believed that Diamond’s argument relied too heavily upon him inferring what had actually happened between the start of human evolution and when modern humans capable of making sophisticated tools came to be and did not do an adequate job addressing how “cultural autonomy”, which McNeill has loosely defined as the “propagation of ideas”, allowed for humans to eventually take charge of their non-biological evolution more so than the environment took charge of them.
Diamond argued that the geology of the land available was the main factor about the environment that…

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