Guns Control Rights In The US Gun Control

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God made man, but Sam Colt made them equal. Since the birth of the nation in 1776 and the construction of the United States Constitution, the right to own a weapon has been as important as the right of free speech. The second amendment of the constitution allows people to defend their rights from any foreign or domestic force that wished to take their rights away. Owning a weapon also enables a person to defend his or herself or another in a life threatening situation, but there are more and more people today who believe that a gun is too much power in the hands of the average person as mass shootings shock the world. The laws put in place to stop these atrocities are aimed at the tool that that enables a person to commit that type of crime, but these limitations on firearms are not the answer. The current U.S. gun control laws hurt the people they are trying to …show more content…
Most current gun control policies and ideas aimed at protecting people actually do the opposite of their intention. These laws are put in place to limit the amount of weapons on the streets. The idea is that it will decrease the amount of gun deaths. Less guns, less shootings in theory. This, however, is majorly flawed. It only limits the amount and type of weapons purchased legally. The law has no control over the weapons smuggled across borders and sold under the table. “The laws we have are written not with the aim of preventing crime so much as defining what is criminal.” (Domenech). In general, a criminal is a person who disobeys a law. If the law says you can not own a firearm, by definition, a criminal will own a firearm. Therefore, with all legal firearms removed from the streets, the only firearms out there will be illegal guns in the hands of criminals. With more firepower, the criminals now have the upper hand.

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