Guns Are Responsible For The Prevalence Of Crime Essay

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Gun Control

A whopping 67.8 percent of the total crimes in the world were gun related. In the United States alone, 60 percent of all reported cases of homicides involved guns. This can be one reason that leads many to believe that guns are responsible for the prevalence of criminality across different countries. After all, the United States is the highest in gun ownership, with 88.8 percent per 100,000 people owning guns. Guns are weapons that encompass a high level of danger in the hands of those who have a criminal mind. Many countries have implemented policies on gun control while at the same time urge others to do the same to fight crimes. It is also important to note, however, that guns are not inherently evil. They are simply machines that are manipulated by the people who own them. In other words, guns cannot do harm to any human being if they are handled by people who are either against crime or who fear of committing crime. Gun control may work on others, but it is not the ultimate solution to crime. In the wrong hands, guns have the power to hurt people. Yet, the detriment of others is not the only reason guns were invented. Guns also serve as protection. People cannot always keep themselves safe from crime using their bare hands. Guns enable people to prevent themselves from falling prey to criminal activities, which creates a notion that guns help deter crime. This paper explores on the approaches used by some countries in addressing crime and at the same…

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