Gun Guns And Gun Control Essay

1407 Words Mar 4th, 2016 6 Pages
Gun Control
Kailey Bergamo
Ms. Gigliotti
English III Honors Period 3
1 March 2016 According to, “A citizen with a gun stopped a knife-wielding man as he began stabbing people in a Salt Lake City store.” Also, “Two men retrieved firearms from their cars and stopped a mass murder at the Appalachian School of Law.” Citizens should be able to carry guns, concealed or not, for a variety of reason, including protection and sports.
The question of gun control is constantly brought up. Numerous people are asking whether guns are the helpful instrument that many people say they are, or if they are the killing apparatuses they have been known as. In my opinion, guns are helpful in times of crisis when help is not near, or not likely to come. Instead of putting more limits on guns and gun owners, we should maintain the skill to protect ourselves and all our other Americans with the use of guns and weapons.
There is no point for gun control, considering the reality that criminals will still find a way to obtain guns if they want to do so. Criminals will always make sure to have access to the guns that they need to perform their crimes effectively. They usually have links to other significant people that can provide them with the guns and weapons that they need in order to perform their crimes. The point is, is that if criminals want to have access to guns, they will be able to get them even if there is a gun control policy put down. This law will not stop…

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