Essay about Growth in the Older Population

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Growth in the Older Population
Tene’ Williams
SOC 304 Social Gerontology
Prof. Kristin Bachman
March 18, 2013

Growth in the Older Population
Although the growing older population is increasing in the US, the impact of this increase is affecting several different political embattlement related programs for the aged (i.e., Medicaid, Medicare, Disability, welfare, Supplemental Security Income, and The Older Americans Act). Being that people are living longer the cost of healthcare has increased while the housing necessities, economic assistances, and people who contribute to Social Security have condensed.
According to our required text, “demographic transition is a gradual process that occurs when a society moves from high
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SSI was created in 1974 to replace federal-state adult assistance programs that served the same purpose. The restructuring of these programs was intended to standardize the eligibility requirements and level of benefits.[3] The new federal program was incorporated into Title XVI (Title 16) of the Social Security Act.[4] Today the program provides benefits to approximately eight million Americans. ( b. Poverty in late Life iv. Race/Gender v. Gender c. Work and retirement
There are not as many people working to contribute to Social Security
Some people are working longer, past retirement age because they cannot afford to be out of work. i. Age Discrimination Act * Discrimination in hiring, promotions, wages, or termination of employment and layoffs. * Statements or specifications in job notices or advertisements of age preference and limitations. * Denial of benefits to older employees. An employer may reduce benefits based on age only if the cost of providing the reduced benefits to older workers is the same as the cost of providing full benefits to younger workers. * Since 1986 it has prohibited mandatory retirement in most sectors, with phased elimination of mandatory retirement for tenured workers, such as college professors, in 1993 (
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