Essay on Growing Racial Tension : Tall Steel Gates

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Tall steel gates enclose a courtyard, as armed officers full of unease survey the growing racial tension. This dramatic portrayal is commonplace in many Moreno Valley high schools. Initially I did not consider this an abnormal environment, but my long, non-traditional path has led me to observe otherwise. Counterintuitive as it sounds, I believe these conditions actually give me an advantage when caring for my future patients. The Moreno Valley community has not only afforded me tools few of my peers posses, but more importantly, it has clarified for me the patients I wish to serve. The year 2007 marked the beginning of my medical career path. Barely graduating high school, I had little to no interest in higher education. I was working a construction job, following in the footsteps of the majority my friends. During this time, I sustained a knee injury that required surgery. My post-operative condition was poor and necessitated an ER visit. Tests showed irregularities, so I was advised against continuing any medications. For weeks I was in pain, lethargic, and often passed out. I visited several doctors, but to no avail. My parents were terrified witnessing my continual decline, and occasionally I would go to bed worried that I would not wake. After an extended period of time, a non-conventional doctor suggested my sickness was due to Addison 's disease. Upon admission to the hospital, the diagnosis was confirmed. The months of sickness and adapting to life-altering…

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