Group Project Outline Business Plan Essay

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Group Projects

The purpose of the group projects is to give students an opportunity to explore course topics in greater depth, conduct independent research, and apply their knowledge in a practical context. Student groups will prepare and present a project based on one of the following prompts.

Your group is a team of entrepreneurs seeking to start a new health care delivery company. Chose a type of company (e.g., an ambulatory surgery center, a long-term acute care hospital, a physical therapy clinic, etc.) and write an original business plan for presentation to a bank loan officer. There is no strict requirement for the page limit or format of the business plan; provided, the business plan should include the following
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What accreditation is required to operate the company’s business? viii. Generally, what are the requirements for obtaining and maintaining such licenses, permits or accreditation?

E. Operations

i. Identify the members of the company’s management team and provide a brief biography of each. ii. Generally describe the company’s management structure and employee hierarchy. iii. Provide a brief job description for each class of employee.

F. Financing

i. How is the company currently financed? ii. How much cash does the company desire to borrow? iii. How will the borrowed funds be applied? iv. How can the company secure repayment of borrowed funds? (E.g., personal guarantees by owners, collateralizing personal assets, a real property mortgage.)

G. Exhibits

i. Form of legal formation document on file with the state. ii. Summary of key provisions contained in the company’s governing bylaws, partnership agreement, or limited liability company regulations.

Groups will present their business plans in class on the final two scheduled class days. The presentations should be of a professional caliber and delivered as if before a bank loan officer. Each presentation should be no longer than 30 minutes in length. Groups should be prepared to field questions from the class and should allot time accordingly. All group

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