The Importance Of Building A Small Business

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I have always dreamed of being an entrepreneur. I know a small business is a big responsibility, although many think of it as freedom and financial stability. As an owner, one has to dedicate lots of time and money to grow the brand and create customer loyalty. As a general manager, I know what it takes to lead and train a team. I will be helping the company expand the brand with the grand opening of two new stores. I believe this experience will help me, as I get closer to realizing my dreams. Therefore, I decided to research small business and business planning. I want to learn more about building a successful business. I found an interesting book titled The Big Idea: How to Make Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Come True, from the AHA Moment to Your First Million by Donny Deutsch. The book provides inspiration to new entrepreneurs through stories from …show more content…
As a general manager, we plan the local store-marketing plan by looking at the areas near the store and possible clients. We look at the competition and plan promotions and new products for the guest. The U.S. Small business administration also has marketing tools that can help a business owner with a marketing plan. There are many different types of marketing strategies such as advertising on TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, yellow pages, internet, signs, and displays in the facilities. Market research will also help in finding a niche that gives one a competitive advantage. It is very important to create a marketing plan because it will support growth in the business. Having created the necessary tools for your company will give an advantage on the competition. I believe Scott was successful after his appearance in the show. I have never heard of Scottevest Company or have seen the vest in stores. This company is on the internet. I think it is also important to consider the name, logo, because this is an important part of building the

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