Grey Hoodie Symbolism

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Although the Declaration of Independence states, “all men are created equal,” it is not so that all men are treated equal. On May 11, 2015, five months ago, Time published on the front cover an Instagram photo captured by Devin Allen--the message intended was explicit. Indeed, the cover photo evokes a confrontational awareness to the most racial hot topic in today’s news feed. Time uses historic black and white contrast, scurry movements, and the no symbol as a call to action to those who advocate for racial equality and those who desire “justice for all”. – Do I quote the allegiance?

Often, law enforcement officers are classified as heroes, however, this photo illustrates an army of villains by capturing a mixture of dark shades and inconsiderate
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African American males, if anyone, can relate first hand to this situation. On the right, the black man is wearing a grey hoodie, one similar to Trevon Martin—the unarmed black teen who was shot and killed—whose death caused the Black Lives Matter movement. The grey hoodie symbolizes a revolution, an innocent yet normal boy like many black teenagers who have been wrongfully accused in the system. His white hat, signifies mercy, grace, and most importantly, white hats are worn by heroes—like many who believed Trevon Martin died a hero. The black teen runs quickly away from the police, simpily protesting in fear as his eyebrows raise in shock and showing he is harmless with his hands visible behind his back. His legs, outstretched with one foot in front of the other symbolize that African American’s are tired of the denial, but slowly progressing in their …show more content…
The blood shed color and thick font purposely draws national headlines to an issue that has for so long has been swept under the rug. It’s been forty-seven years since the end of the civil rights movement. Nineteen sixty-eight marked the year where riots, protest, and chaos broke loose all around America-- all for different causes. “America, 1968” is typed in a legible bold font, one that shows a collected and organized headline from the past. However, the frowning red-hot penmanship, which is carelessly slanting over nineteen sixty eight, associates itself with the continuation of danger, violence, and the blood shed by Black Americans in nineteen sixty eight persisting to those apart of the Black Lives Matter movement. The dark tinted red cross-out mark highlights a mistake in the past that was never corrected, and politely offers the justice system a second chance to accept their mistake and change itself. The thickness of the red ink is an eye opener-- to raise awareness about the unfortunate, but current existence of racial injustice. For sure, the year twenty fifteen is a year that will be recorded in the history, but if one glanced at this edition--one would assume it was ripped out of an American history

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