Essay on Grendel As A Vicious, Lonesome Monster

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Grendel, Grendel as a vicious, lonesome monster who resides in a cave under the water; is cast as an Otherness outside of the Danes’ wall. He believes the world is a “meaningless place” and he lives alone in an underwater cave. He feeds on human and is entertained by the intense fearful look in the eyes of the Danes. The novel introduces a monsterous-troll and his struggle to be accepted. Because of his abnormal physical appearance, he feels threaten by the Danes and must fend for himself; which lead him to continue his savage hunt for twelve years. This reflects to a time period when African Americans who fought against prejudices and discriminations. Grendel, the monstrous appearance represents race, culture, and religion. John Gardner emphasize Grendel as the binary figure, who is the Otherness in the society. Grendel’s desperation for the Danes society to accept him made him a boundary dweller who relates to how modern day bulling; and stereotyping anyone who is different from them. Grendel lives in a cave under the water and away from the society resembles how slaves live on the farms like animals; this illustrates how they isolate themselves from their society. Mary Kate Hurley mentioned “Grendel attacks the hall from the outside, brining disorder to an ordered world with his rage” (Classen 1180). The monster violates the conditions of human life and community pervasively. Grendel is at war with the Danes for twelve years which precisely reflects to how African…

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