Grendel And Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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Grendel and Frankenstein’s monster are creatures that society rejects because they are different. The two monster’s try to find a place in society, even learning human language to fit in. Even though both monsters have learned to speak English fluently, humans still frown upon the creatures. The only reason why the two monster’s path goes astray is that they do not have any mentor’s or parents that guide them throughout their life.
Grendel tries to adapt and fit in, he observes the humans, trying to learn their language. He succeeds in doing so, but Grendel cannot talk to the humans for one second because they are terrified of him and flee whenever they see him. This, along with the dragon’s advice leads to Grendel’s nihilistic point of view.
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Grendel finds pleasure in hurting the humans because of his nihilistic approach. But Frankenstein’s monster does not, he is full of hatred for his creator, he wants revenge for being born into a miserable world where no one will accept him. Both monsters did not have parent figures to mold or sculpt them into benevolent beings. If Grendel’s mother would have been able to speak then she would have told him not to harm the humans and would give him someone to talk to. If Victor would not have abandoned his creation then the monster would not have been so violent towards its creator.
Both authors do this so that the reader can understand how the monsters thought process works and what their feelings are towards the society. Parents play an important role in shaping their children’s personality. If it was not for parents then the children will have to rationalize everything and this will cause them to grow up to fast which could have a negative effect on the developing minds of the children. They could turn out like Grendel, having a nihilistic approach on life, or they can be angry, similar to Frankenstein’s

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