Gremillion 's Ancestral Appetite Essay

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Throughout history, in all forms of life, there has been one undeniable trend that has evolved and altered but still remained one of the basic necessities of life, eating. In Kristen J. Gremillion’s Ancestral Appetite: Food in Prehistory she sets up the history of eating, what and how people have eaten in the past few million years and her theory on how that has led to modern diets. As this work is set up in chronological order, Gremillion points out the major inventions, events, and changes to the world that added to the growth and evolution of the modern humans diet. With the help of archeological sites, wide range of sciences, and the known history, Kristen Gremillion attempts to prove that biology, culture, and invention are the reasons that people eat what they eat.
Kristen Gremillion started with The Australopithecines, the most ancient, well documented, species related to the modern human. This species dates back to two millions years ago and through fossils that have been recovered, it has been discovered that they manufactured simple stone tools, survived through hunting and gathering, and may have taken on the role of a scavenger. Through the findings of animal carcasses, isotope and teeth studies that looked at the chemistry and wear of the teeth and bones, it has been found that their diet was rich in plant foods, seeds, tubers, insects and small animals mixed. Gremillion points out that the evidence does not show that this species had a super meat-rich diet but…

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