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Formative Years Before the Papacy
Gregory the Great was born as Gregory, sometime between 540 and 545, to parents of good station. He grew up in Rome, and was educated as best as was possible. At the time, the (College of Rome?) had fallen from prominence into ruin after losing all of its grants and incomes from the Emperor Justinian and the educational culture of Rome was diminishing quickly as the city was torn between wars and invasions. Still, Gregory was educated to the educational standards that remained and it is important to remember that he was gifted with intellect and acumen and always showed the highest prowess at his studies. The purpose of this paper is to delineate Gregory’s pontificate, and the ways in which he used or
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Missionary One of the many great achievements of Gregory’s papacy was his promulgation of Christianity throughout new, barbarian territories. Almost immediately Gregory made missionary efforts a top priority, writing to Italian bishops and spreading the teachings of the church and the Gospel to Arians, the Lombards, Jews, heretics and pagans as early as fourth months after his ordination.
Interestingly enough, Gregory commanded different methods of persuasion when ordering the conversion of different ethnic, geographical or religious groups. Among the Lombards, no methods other than preaching would be successful, and Gregory was especially clement with the persuasion of Jews, holding that non Christians should be persuaded to Christianity through generosity, gentleness and discourse so

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