Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis Literary Analysis

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The Metamorphosis is a novella written by Franz Kafka in Prague, 1912. Kafka’s dying wish was for Max Brod to burn his stories for him. Brod ignored his request and published his work. Kafka brings us through the journey of Gregor Samsa as he transforms from being a human into a monstrous vermin. Gregor, just like Kafka is isolated from modern society and has issues with his father. “In writing about a monstrous non-being, Kafka writes about himself; but in doing so he also stays a little bit ahead of himself, for he is above all the narrator of the story, who survives the death of the vermin.”(Corngold page XX). Kafka told his struggles in his life using the character Gregor Samsa.

Gregor Samsa is a traveling salesman who dislikes his
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He immediately has problems trying to work his body. For example, when Gregor attempts to scratch his stomach, all of his little legs move uncontrollably. While laying in bed he thinks about how hard his life is, being a travel salesman and all. He lays there thinking about how in five to six years he will be finished paying off his parents debts and can quit his job. After being in a deep thought he realizes that he overslept and will have to make the late train to work. Struggling to get off the bed, his mom knocks on the door and Gregor attempts to inform her that he is getting ready but he notices that his voice sounds different. Gregor is having a hard time using his new body. While trying to use his transformed body, he hears that his office manager showed up to his apartment. The manager voiced to Gregor that there will be consequences for not showing up and that his work has not been up to standard lately. Gregor trying to get to the door and to unlock it tells the manager that he will be out shortly and explains that he feels better now. Gregor was struggling to unlock the door but manages to open it with his mouth. The manager, horrified by his appearance, runs out of the apartment. Gregor attempting to chase him and explain that he still can work, gets held back by his father. His father drags him into his room. Tired of attempting to escape his room, Gregor falls asleep. Gregor wakes up to the scent of food in his room. He notices that someone had left his favorite food, bread and milk in his room. Gregor who is very excited, tastes the milk and bread and realizes he lost his taste for it. Leaving the milk and bread alone he settles under the couch and hopes that his sister realizes that he does not like that and brings different food next time. Grete comes in the next day and brings leftover food which is rotten. Gregor loved the rotting food but did not like the fresh foods. Grete and

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