Gregor Samsa In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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Franz Kafka, in his book The Metamorphosis, writes about a young traveling salesman named Gregor Samsa, who one day wakes up to find himself turned into a large insect. The narrator, as well as the main character, don’t have a clue as to what happened, the only thing that the reader can infer is that Gregor’s state is irreversible. As the story goes on, we learn about his job, his hopes and dreams, as well as his worries. The tragic thing is that he can’t communicate with his family or those around him, confining him to a life of solitude within his own body.
Despite Gregor’s new body, he still remains himself. He is very aware that the only thing that has change is the physical aspect of himself everything else stayed intact. However, this new body brought upon new sensations, new tastes and new abilities. He explains that food that was once fresh and tasty was no longer something that appealed to him and that he felt better when he was able to crawl up the walls instead of remaining in the floor.
Due new abilities he has to think a little bit different, accommodate and adjust to what he is now. New body, new pleasure. It can be debated that since he can’t act as himself and does no longer live the life he use, that then the creature is not him. Another interesting thing besides new likings, is that he
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Gregor explains that he was going to make a sacrifice and sent his sister to music school. Even though the family did not approved, he was going to make the big announcement of Christmas. When his sister starts playing the violin, he’s captivated by it and wants to get closer to the source. In this moment it’s very clear that his human side is showing as he is able to 1. Appreciate his sister’s ability and 2. Get furious that everyone else is not doing the same. He still cares about his family, he still able to process thing as he would before, therefore is not his body the make his essence but

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