Gregor Mendel, The Laws Of Segregation, And The Law Of Genetics

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When it comes to genetics, a person that comes to mind is Gregor Mendel. He was a scientist and botanist who was famous for discovering the genetics in a human being, and genetics in general. He was able to conduct his hypothesis as he used pea plants to show that planting two different pea plants can make a unique offspring, or even the same two peas can create a unique offspring. When coming up with these experiments, Mendel came up with three laws, The Law of Dominance, The Law of Segregation, and The Law of Independent Assortment. The Law of Dominance is “a recessive alleles will always be masked by dominant alleles”. That means that the dominant trait will always over power the recessive trait. The second law is The Law of Segregation
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The definition states exactly what it does, seperate two alleles during meiosis. The third law is that “an allele pair gets segregated into two daughter cells during the second division of meiosis”. This would mean that during the second part of meiosis, an allele pair will always get seperated into two daugther cells. When it comes to Meiosis, one other word thatll come to head is Mitosis. These two both have a very important postition in genetics, but are compluety different. Meiosis is “In cell biology, mitosis is a part of the cell cycle when replicated chromosomes are separated into two new nuclei” and Mitosis is “Meiosis is a specialized type of cell division that reduces the chromosome number by half, creating four haploid cells, each genetically distinct from the parent cell that gave rise to them”. The big difference between them is Meiosis makes a clone of their own cell, while Mitosis produces a fetus from gamete (sperm and eggs). Another difference is that Meiosis is mostly for Asexual reproduction and Mitosis is for Sexual reproduction. Asexual reproduction is an offspring is completly the same as one parent. Sexual reproduction when two parents contribute genetic information to created a unique …show more content…
When sexual reproduction happening, a very unfornate thing can easily happen. That thing is a genetic diseases/disorders. The exact definition for a genetic disease/disorder is “An inherited medical condition caused by a DNA abnormality”. There are many different types of genetic diseases like Down Syndrome, DiGeorge Syndrome, Fabry Disease, and many more. On here, we will be focusing on DiGeorge Syndrome and Down Syndrome. Digeorge Syndrome (or 22q11.2 deletion syndrome) is made when a small part of chromosome22 is missing. This can lead a child to very serious health problems as this disease is rare and has no cure. There are many symtoms to this disorder but here is a summary of the many symtoms. A child with have heart defects, a poor immune system, complications with having low calcium in blood, and a delayed development with behavioral and

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