Three Causes And Effects Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Although I do not have a particular connection with fetal alcohol syndrome, it is a serious condition prevalent in children exposed to alcohol during their mother’s pregnancy. This syndrome can only come from the mother ingesting alcohol and it is up to the mother to be responsible enough to know that alcohol, drugs and certain medication will affect her child. The effects of fetal alcohol syndrome last a lifetime and their is no cure for this. It is extremely dangerous to ingest any amount of alcohol during one’s pregnancy and women are reminded of this through television ads, warning labels and talk from doctors. There are both physical and behavioral symptoms that occur from fetal alcohol syndrome.
Some of the major sings include; facial abnormalities, small head, shorter-than-average height and difficulty in school. There are many other signs and symptoms of this syndrome, and they can range from being mild to severe (Facts about FASDs). In high school I took a class, human physiology, where we spent a week talking about fetal alcohol syndrome. My teacher explained that mothers who participate in drinking while pregnant
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Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders houses three types alcohol related syndromes. Fetal alcohol syndrome is the severe end of the FASD spectrum, alcohol-related neurodevelopmental disorder focuses more on the problems with behavior and learning, alcohol-related birth defects tend to have problems with their heart, kidneys or bones. The diagnosis for fetal alcohol syndrome is difficult as their is no blood test or other kind of medical test to determine the child was affected by this. Doctors typically look for the most common signs of fetal alcohol syndrome and question the parents. Treatment for these syndromes are very limited as there is no cure, but if early action is taken, it may lessen the degree (Facts about

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