Greek Society : Athenian And Spartan Mentalities Essay

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When a civilization is emerging in the way which it emerges helps to establish its values. Greek Society emerged in two different ways, through Athenian and Spartan mentalities. Through many wars and differing enemies, Athenian culture became more prevalent. However, each brought forth important ideals that defined Greek Society. They are the reason that when reflecting upon Greece we conjure images of philosophers or strong willed warriors. Greek society through individual action and institution truly valued duty to the community, innovation, and honor.
Beginning with duty to the community, this is something that is clearly evident within their society. From a broad perspective this is an idea that lays the foundation for how they built up their governmental system as well as the Athenian League. Within this society, community is upheld, whether it is through the polis or familial unit it is ever present. In Athens, where this idea is most demonstrated, they even decided that majority vote would be the best way to proceed in a successful democracy. From this they are able to build institutions such as a polis and senate to integrate the people into the decision making process. Pericles is one of the leaders who preyed on this process elevate Athenian citizenship and strengthen citizen 's equality. Though the equality during this era was only considered to be with white male citizens, it was a defining step. As a leader this is strategically advantageous because not only…

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