Greek Mythology : The Religion Of The Ancient Greeks Essay

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Greek mythology is the religion of the ancient Greeks. It was a group of myths and lessons that the ancient Greeks created. Roman mythology is a series of stories that represent ancient Rome’s creation. These two mythologies came about around the same time period, and were are parallel to each other religions and traditions. Each one have gods and goddesses, an afterlife, and a relationship with mortals, or humans. They are the same, but how they explain their religions are completely different. Greek mythology focuses on how humankind works while Roman mythology is more focused on the history of Rome. With knowing this, the Roman and Greek mythologies are two different mythologies that are completely parallel to each other.
Greek mythology started in about 2000 BCE. Most the myths were found in a poem called Iliad. “Iliad” means “poem of Ilios”, a city in Troy. This poem was more than just stories, it was the history of the Greeks ancestors. It taught the Greeks, moral lessons such as pride, revenge, honor, and how to be a hero. A poet named Humor wrote it during the final year of the Trojan War. It included stories of ancient gods and goddesses and their myths. It even included the mythological story on how the Trojan War became: Eris, the goddess of chaos, initiated the fight between Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite. She asked who was more beautiful, and put a golden apple as the prize. The goddesses chose Paris of Troy to judge, and each one offered him a bribed. Hera offered…

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