Greek Mythology : Greek Gods Essay

2673 Words May 5th, 2015 11 Pages
Cesar Quiroz
20 April 2015
Mr. Farson
English 1A
Greek Gods In today 's world, there is a vast amount of knowledge and information to learn from. Many subjects are important to incorporate, but none are as important as literature. There are many forms of literature that should be thought, such as Shakespeare and the Bible. One type of literature I believe the school districts should incorporate in English classes is Greek Mythology. It is a very interesting literature and history to learn from. The reasons I believe Greek Mythology should be incorporated into English courses is because it is basic knowledge that the average person should know. Being able to know literature such as Greek Mythology will allow students to expand their vocabulary and their reading skills. The more knowledge an individual has; the more power they will have. Students will be able to write better essays and incorporate many new subjects and topics into their writing. Some important and simple things to learn from Greek Mythology include the Olympian Greek Gods. Most of these Greek Gods are children of Zeus, the king of all gods.
There are many Titan gods and Olympian gods to talk about which includes an immense amount of knowledge to learn from. The Greek Mythology expands from the basis of Olympian Greek Gods.
Reading things as simple as comics will help improve literature because they incorporate many events from history. They also incorporate many mythical characters and stories. That way,…

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