Summary: Greek Influence In Ancient Rome

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Rome started as a society of small farmers located in central Italy, placing it among other civilizations within the Mediterranean basin; Etruscans, Latins, Celts, and the most influential, the Ancient Greeks. In early years, Rome acquired many cultural characteristics from the Etruscan civilization, but as Rome expanded, it came into contact with the Greeks. Since then, Greek influence has become an important element in Roman life. However, it was the Roman civilization that came to rule and control most of the known world and became one of the most urbanized civilizations in the pre-industrial world as it grew more powerful. Etruscan civilization emerged in Etruria in central Italy around the ninth or eighth centuries B.C.E. The Etruscans …show more content…
They steadily migrated around the coast and also occupied two-thirds of eastern Sicily. At first, the Greeks only had indirect influence on Rome through the Etruscans, but it was the Roman conquest of southern Italy and Sicily that led them into direct contact with the Romans. Nearly every aspect of Roman life was impacted by the Greeks; from religion and education to literature and philosophy. They provided artistic and cultural ideas and practices through their architecture, literature, and sculpture, Greek tutors were hired by rich Romans, and Greek slaves taken in wars were used in Roman households. Greek religion had the most impact on Rome; the Romans essentially adopted their gods and goddesses from the Greeks, meaning they shared similar roles and responsibilities. For example, the Greek Hades became the Roman Pluto, god of the underworld. The Romans were also inspired by Greek Art. Greek statues were placed inside public and private buildings and on homes of Romans. They would import Greek marbles, vases, bronzes and even imported Greek artist to reproduce original Greek Art. However, Roman art was different from the Greeks; they emphasized and focused on particular people, places, and times. Architecture was an important influence that Greeks had on Rome. The Romans became great builders after learning from the Etruscans; they were the first people to construct massive buildings using concrete.

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