Greek And Roman Mythology Essay

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Greek and Roman mythology are both very engrossing subjects. Mythology is a collection of beliefs of a certain group of people. Both Greek and Roman mythology are composed of numerous gods and goddesses that are believed to be a part of everyday life for the Roman and Greek people. Finding out how their gods and myths were created is an interesting process, because there is really no proof of it. Greek and Roman mythology are both polytheistic, believed in an afterlife, had mortals, and have many things named after them. However, they also have immeasurable differences between them. Greek and Roman mythology are both considered polytheistic, which is the belief in many gods. Both have some very important gods and goddesses which could also be referred to as deities. Greek gods are different from Roman gods, because they are given beautiful, perfect, physical appearances. Roman gods are not given physical form and are represented only in people’s imaginations. Most of their gods have the same symbol, or what they stand for, but they have different names. For example, the goddess of love in Greek mythology is Aphrodite, and the Roman goddess of love is Venus. Zeus is the king of gods in Greek mythology, and the king of gods in Roman mythology is Jupiter. Greek gods are based on human personality traits like love, hate, honor, and dignity. They are shown as humans. Roman gods and goddesses are based on objects or actions. Aphrodite, a Greek goddess, is described as a highly…

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