Personal Narrative: An Interview With A Grandparent

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Option #3 – Grandparent Interview Family life has changed in different ways than I usually had assumed. I interviewed my parents, as well as my maternal grandpa and his girlfriend, for this assignment. Coming into the assignment, I did not realize just how much the norms of families and gender roles could change within the same family over numerous years. A lot of the expectations seemed to be similar between the generations yet take on their own degree of necessity and meanings. Sally Bugge is a 79-year-old from Council Bluffs, Iowa. She was raised in Harlan, Iowa, in a family consisting of two parents and fourteen children. Her and her siblings were born in their three-room home, consisting of a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Being …show more content…
The girls in he family were told that if they got pregnant they would have to get married right away. She was taught to give to those who do not have enough, just like her family, which reinforced the compassionate and caring side of her. Since her family was poor, they had to share toys. Sally and her sisters had dolls, tea sets, and a bicycle. She was very close to her grandparents, since her grandma also had a big hand in helping take care of the family. Sally’s extended family, “a kinship group comprising of the conjugal family plus any other relatives present in the household” (BOOK p. 44), played a big part in her life. Lots of affection was not shown, but she made sure to be affectionate toward her own children once she had …show more content…
Families were a lot busier by the time she started a family, because kids were involved in so many out of school activities. Family togetherness was slowly going away as well. The majority of the time my mom would be home alone with me at night, and we would be alone for supper, because my dad worked the night shift. Janelle did not remember the night shift as a working option when she was younger. In 1994 there was still a sense of “family things”, but as time went on the tide shifted more to everyone running in separate directions and doing things

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